How to Copy One Page of an MS Word Document

It is possible to copy and paste the entire contents of a single-page Microsoft Word document or one page from a document that has several pages. Learn to cut, copy and paste, and then keep the font, or switch to a different font using Microsoft Word 2013.

Step 1

On the webpage you wish to copy, press and hold the first letter of the first word . Then move the cursor towards the top of the page. You will be able to highlight the contents of the page. Click right in the highlighted area, and select to copy. Alternatively, select any area on the page, and hit Ctrl-A to select all of them and Press Ctrl for copying.

Step 2

To copy and paste the text into the Word document, click the option to open for a Word document you’ve already completed and saved. Or, choose the New option in order to make a brand new document.

Step 3

If you’d like to change the font, simply select the font and size that you would like to change.

Step 4

Right-click the page. On the next menu select which method you’d like to use to copy the page by selecting the Paste Options. The first icon copies the contents exactly as they appear in the original page, including the fonts and format. The second icon will paste the content with the font and format that is on the page. If you’ve changed the font during step 3 the new font is used, but otherwise, it is the default font used on the page. The final icon copies the text on the page.