Bitcoin and Its Decentralized Marketing Team: The Road to Mainstream

Bitcoin has no central authority. As a decentralized grassroots movement, it depends on its users for marketing. What Bitcoiners Can Do To Help Cryptocurrency Become More Popular

In the past, Bitcoin relied on a higher-level marketing tool: its course

After all, the cryptocurrency has been the best performing asset in human history with several million percent price growth over the past ten years . This of course attracts enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

But if the price is just not going through the roof, or if the currency is even in the bear market, the happy news of digital money rarely penetrates the surface of the mainstream. Logically, not everyone has the time to deal with the weal and woe of a possibly global paradigm shift at the root of human cooperation. In order to dispel prevailing errors about BTC and Co., one thing is needed above all: Motivated Bitcoiners who take on the role of the marketing team.

The media world plays a special role. Podcasts, articles and YouTube content are ideally suited to educate interested readers and listeners about the pros and cons of digital money.

Series like „Gradually, then Suddenly“ by Parker Lewis or Vijay Boyapati’s „Bullish Case for Bitcoin“ can sometimes make the difference between Bitcoiner and Nocoiner. BTC-ECHO has also launched its own platform with the BTC-ACADEMY . It is intended to bring the advantages of the decentralized world closer to the curious.

In order for precoiner to make the leap on the Bitcoin train, they must first have a fundamental interest in cryptocurrency. But that only matures through recurring points of contact.

Ideas like flames

This is where bitcoiners come into play. For some time now, Bitcoiners have been able to participate in decentralized marketing via the awareness game and significantly increase the points of contact that Precoiner have with the cryptocurrency. The awareness game is part of a campaign that goes under the name Ideas are like Flames . Behind it is a Munich Bitcoin collective.

Anyone who orders stickers from and attaches them to public places can even earn cash for them. According to the founder @_pretyflaco, the awareness game has already distributed over 1.5 million Satoshis to Bitcoiners who are willing to stick.

Jeff Gallas, founder of Fulmo and Lightning enthusiast, also emphasizes how important the voluntary commitment of the Bitcoin community is. Gallas says to BTC-ECHO:

Bitcoin is the first decentralized, autonomous organization in the world. There is no marketing department in the traditional sense. Each bitcoin is their own one-man bitcoin marketing department.