Rick and Morty’s crypto art sells for $150,000 on Gemini’s proprietary platform

Justin Roiland’s piece was included in an exchange of non-expendable art tokens owned by Gemini.

A crypto artwork by Justin Roiland, co-creator of the famous Rick and Morty cartoon series, has been sold for an attractive price on the Nifty Gateway non-expendable token market.

Called „The First Ever Edition Of Rick And Morty Cryptoart“, the tokenized artwork was sold at a silent auction for USD 150,000. Nifty Gateway announced the news on Twitter on January 19.

The creator of Rick and Morty is auctioning a collection of art in the form of NFT
The newly sold artwork is part of Roiland’s cryptic art collection called „The Best I Could Do“. The collection includes multiple works of art inspired by the Rick and Morty series, as well as other animations, including the iconic American animated comedy, The Simpsons.

Dubbed „The Smintons,“ Roiland’s cryptic artwork is expected Bitcoin Optimizer to sell later today as the auction closes at 7 pm EST. At the time of writing, the highest bid amounts to USD 188,137.

Digital artist Beeple auctions off an NFT art collection for $3.5 million
The latest news comes shortly after Nifty Gateway announced the auction of the Roiland collection on January 13th. The co-creator of Rick and Morty is apparently one of the first to adopt Bitcoin (BTC), as he publicly approved cryptomonance in 2015.

Owned by Winklevoss‘ Gemini crypt coin exchange, Nifty Gateway is an important NFT marketplace that facilitates a number of NFT sales every day. In December 2020, an NFT piece with the Star Wars theme was sold for USD 777,777 on the platform. Previously, Nifty auctioned off NFT „Picasso’s Bull“ by Trevor Jones for USD 55,555.

Sean Ono Lennon sold an NFT artwork for USD 3,000 at Wrapped Ether
NFT crypto has been steadily gaining momentum in recent months, giving famous creators and artists a new opportunity to sell their pieces directly to their fans. In late 2020, Sean Ono Lennon, a British-American musician, composer and producer, auctioned off a tokenized digital artwork on the Rarible non-expendable token market.

Keeping Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies safe

Keeping Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies safe: how to secure your computer

Cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin are the asset classes of the future and more and more people are recognising their value. But beware. There are many hackers and scammers who want to steal your cryptocurrencies. Find out how to protect yourself and your computer against this in this article.

Effective protection of your Bitcoin (BTC) and Immediate Edge other cryptocurrencies must involve several layers. These include your computer, your crypto wallet and your wallet.

Bitcoin Protection Level 1: Your Computer

Practice proper „computer hygiene“. Use at least one recognised as well as good antivirus program and make sure it is always up to date. If necessary, you can also choose a programme that offers additional protection against ransomware or keyloggers.

It is also important that you do not open any e-mails from unknown senders and do not click on any attachments in them, as a lot of malware is installed this way. Also, if possible, do not download any software, browser extensions, etc. from unknown or dubious websites, because you do not know what else these programmes (covertly) may be doing.

Bitcoin protection level 2: Your crypto exchange

Use all the security measures offered by your crypto exchange, such as two-factor authentication. This will make it difficult for potential hackers.

Don’t hold too much money or bitcoin or cryptocurrencies on the exchange. A rule of thumb is an amount worth a week’s income. If you store more there, you should store these cryptocurrencies in the vault offered by the crypto exchange.

If you send cryptocurrencies, check the receiving address several times and do not send cryptocurrencies to unknown addresses.

Bitcoin protection level 3: Your wallet

It is best to use a hardware wallet to store your Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies. Such a wallet is the safest choice by today’s standards and is almost impossible to crack. Well-known and good providers of wallets are Ledger and Trezor.

Transfer your Bitcoin to the wallet after the purchase (so-called „cold storage“). Store the PIN of the wallet securely outside your computer, as well as your „recovery phrase“. This phrase usually consists of 24 words that you receive when you set up the wallet.

It is best not to store the PIN and the phrase digitally, but to write them down securely (for example by carving them into a steel plate) and store them in a secret place. But don’t forget to leave a note that relatives can use to find your note if the worst happens. Otherwise you will create a kind of modern „pirate’s treasure“, which is certainly not wanted.

Controllo della realtà: Warren Buffett fa in effetti HODL BTC & TRX

  • Justin Sun è andato su Twitter questa settimana per verificare le credenze di molte persone sul fatto che Warren Buffett non possiede beni crittografici. 
  • Sun ha chiarito che possiede un bitcoin e oltre 1 milione di Tron.

Il fondatore della nota piattaforma di crittografia e del progetto Tron, Justin Sun, è andato su Twitter all’inizio di questa settimana per verificare le convinzioni di molte persone sul fatto che l’investitore miliardario Warren Buffett non possiede beni crittografici. Sun ha chiarito che possiede un bitcoin e oltre 1 milione di Tron.

Molte persone in tutta l’industria dei crittografi non credono che Warren Buffett non possieda alcun bene digitale, dato che è un noto critico del settore da molto tempo. Tecnicamente però, secondo l’amministratore delegato di Tron, possiede un po‘ di criptovaluta, come si può vedere dal suo tweet di cui sopra.

Verso l’inizio dello scorso anno, il capo del Berkshire Hathaway ha chiarito che non possiede alcun asset digitale e non lo farà mai, mentre parlava con la CNBC in un’intervista.

Il motivo è che, secondo lui, i cripto-asset non producono nulla e non hanno alcun valore intrinseco.

Un commento ben noto di Buffett è stato quello di paragonare il bitcoin al „veleno per topi“.

Il fatto che un critico di bitcoin così noto possa continuare a possedere proprio ciò che critica è a dir poco ironico. Nel febbraio dello scorso anno, l’amministratore delegato di Tron ha annunciato di aver regalato a Warren Buffett circa 2 milioni di gettoni nella sua pedina nativa. Un utente ha reagito al tweet di cui sopra dicendo che il prezzo di questi gettoni è aumentato significativamente da quando gli sono stati dati.

Bitcoin continues to grow, now above $27,000

Bitcoin shows no signs of slowing down: trading over the weekend sent the cryptocurrency’s price soaring, now headed toward $30,000

Bitcoin’s (BTC) dizzying Christmas rally continues: today, the cryptocurrency crossed the $27,000 wall. In addition, BTC’s market capitalization exceeded $500 billion for the first time.

Bitcoin’s capitalization exceeds $500,000,000.

Bitcoin’s new record comes just three days after the resistance at $24,000 was broken: this means that Bitcoin’s price has doubled in the last two months, as well as increased by almost $10,000 in December alone.

Bitcoin’s capitalization is now over $510 billion, just shy of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, the tenth largest company in the world. Only yesterday, BTC had surpassed Visa’s capitalization.

The weekend surge put Bitcoin’s price above the average trend line of the popular Stock-to-Flow model (at about $24,900), which predicts a target of $100,000 by December 2021.

At the same time, the current bullish cycle looks very different and far more sustainable than the 2017 cycle, with many experts predicting further rises in the coming months. The reasons for this optimism are manifold: huge institutional buying, stronger fundamentals, less available supply on exchanges and interest from retail buyers still relatively low.

However, the possibility of a pullback in the short term cannot be ruled out, especially since the next resistance seems to be positioned at $30,000.

Michaël van de Poppe, analyst at Cointelegraph Markets, warned traders:

„Vertical movements often end with a big correction, remember the summer of 2019? These rapid contractions are necessary to establish a range of horizontal movements.

Do not dismiss everything at the first correction, this bull market will last a long time. You should have a long-term horizon.“